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Motul  Factory Line Light / Medium 7.5W Fork Oil 1 Litre
1 litre
GTIN: 3374650008363
MPN: 105926



Motul  Factory Line Very Light 2.5W Fork Oil 1 Litre
1 litre
GTIN: 3374650008394
MPN: 105962



Motul  Factory Line Light 5W Fork Oil 1 Litre
1 litre
GTIN: 3374650008370
MPN: 105924



Manufacturer’s Description

The ultimate high performance fork oil designed to squeeze every drop of performance and durability from your fork Hydraulic fork fluid for racing applications Resistance to high temperatures with a coating that remains consistent thanks to the specifications of the synthetic esters: these molecules adhere to the metallic parts of the forks internals thus reinforcing the resistance of the oil coating Increased resistance to high temperatures eliminates lubricant oxidation Specially formulated to work with Showa, Kayaba, Ohlins, WP and Solva upside down or conventional telescopic forks Reduces internal friction, especially between fork tubes, bushes, and seals thanks to the exclusive anti-friction additive designed and developed by Motul Outstanding suspension performance and consistency is maintained over long distance with minimal heat fade High performance anti-foam formula eliminates air transfer to the bladder to maintain suspension consistency Anti-wear and extreme pressure resistant properties Anti-corrosion additive protects seals and valves Motul Fork Oil Factory Line can be mixed to obtain the required absorption Use the exact quantity recommended by the fork manufacturer