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26 x 2.2 inches; Black


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26 x 2.2 inches

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26 x 2.2 inches; Black
GTIN: 4019238502817
MPN: 100371

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26 x 2.0 inches; Black
GTIN: 4019238595703
MPN: 100765

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Manufacturer’s Description

Pronounced 'cross king', the X-King perfectly fills in the gap between our Race King and Mountain King II in terms of application Featuring Pure Grip, a new compound developed for Continental performance products Pure Grip sits just behind BlackChili, providing great grip, high durability and mileage The tyre is designed for XC and trail use with speed as the main priority It was developed in conjunction with the Topeak-Ergon professional MTB team who have now already recorded many race wins on what they call the perfect race day tyre The cleverly designed tread pattern which provides ample traction yet almost the rolling sensation of a much slicker tyre Folding tyre Constructed from 3 ply, totalling 84 tpi