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28 inches x 19 mm Black


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28 inches x 19 mm

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Continental  Tubular Podium Tt 700 X 19C Black
28 inches x 19 mm Black
GTIN: 4019238521580
MPN: 196181

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Continental Podium Tt Tyre - Tubular Blackchili Compound: Black/Black 28"X25Mm
28 inches x 22 mm Black
GTIN: 4019238674583
MPN: TYC96243

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Manufacturer’s Description

TT stands for time trial Entire tours are decided in the fight against the clock This is reason enough to offer particularly fast tyres While it was conceived as a time trial tyre, the Podium TT is also very popular with professionals for normal races The reason for this is its construction Thanks to the latest Black Chili Compound, this chrono specialist is not only super fast, but its Vectran Breaker offers excellent puncture prevention In addition, the 19 mm width version of the Podium is lightweight at only 195 g A low weight means low rotation energy The thickness of the tread was reduced to 0.7 mm, which is still enough for a few tough race days The ultrafast slick tread shows how fast it really is even whenit's not moving Handmade in Germany