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Continental Revo Sealant Ust Tubeless Tyre Sealant - 1000 Ml
1000 ml
GTIN: 4019238585278
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1000 ml bottle Continental RevoSealant - the end of the spare tyre For years Continental tyre sealants have been replacing the spare tyre in many vehicles - this technology has now been further enhanced to meet the specific requirements of use in bicycle tyres The ammonium and protein free RevoSealant provides reliable sealing for punctures and small cuts without chemically corroding the tyre or tube The versatile RevoSealant is not only useful for repairs but can also be used for preventative measures and helps protect against malfunctions in tubes, tubular tyres and tubeless tyres With suitable tyres RevoSealant can be used as a sealant for tubeless ready tyres (UST or RTR) RevoSealant is specifically optimized for use in Continental cycle tyres Can be used in temperatures as low as -20°C Please carefully follow the accompanying assembly instructions