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Computer Bontrager Edge 820 GPS by Garmin Black
GTIN: 601479686377
MPN: 552313

Stock due at suppliers on 20/01/2020


Manufacturer’s Description

  • Unique black colourway provides an understated, classy finish that complements any bike
  • Large 3.5” clear display with highly sensitive touchscreen and interactive mapping features
  • Optimised experience and additional functionality adds to the Full Garmin Edge 1030 feature set
  • Optimised experience includes screen sensitivity set to high, auto-pause enabled and auto-lap disabled
  • Bontrager Light Control offers touchscreen light control and on-screen battery status of paired lights
  • Auto-on light control automatically powers on paired lights and sets them to best mode at the start of ride
  • Service recommendations based on ride duration intervals can help keep bikes performing at their best
  • Includes Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030, flush out-front mount, stan


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