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Bootie Bontrager RXL Windshell Toe Small/Medium Black
38.5-42 (Small/Medium) Black
GTIN: 768682327449
MPN: 432228

Stock due at suppliers on 04/03/2019


Bootie Bontrager RXL Windshell Toe Large/X-Large Black
42.5-46 (Large/X-Large) Black
GTIN: 768682327463
MPN: 432229

Stock due at suppliers on 04/03/2019


Manufacturer’s Description

Profila Wind fabric is lightweight, windproof, water-resistant, and stretchy;Wide cleat opening stretches to fit any pedal/cleat interface;Reflective elements add contrast to enhance nighttime visibility;Designed for use with road or mountain shoes for maximum versatility;