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Bontrager Tyre G Mud 27.5X2.30 Team Issue
GTIN: 601479213689
MPN: 438291

Out of stock


Tyre Bontrager G Mud 27.5 x 2.30 Team Issue
GTIN: 601479662296
MPN: 548795

In warehouse


Tire Bontrager G-Mud 26X2.20 Team Issue Scc
26" x 2.2 Black/Black
GTIN: 768682257449
MPN: 430096

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

  • Excels at downhill racing in muddy, wet conditions
  • Trimmable knobs for custom performance
  • Mud specific tread bites into soft terrain while quickly shedding any buildup
  • Developed for use at World Cup racing level
  • Dual-Ply multi-layer casing adds stability for heavy-duty DH tyres with added butyl layer to prevent flats


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Model Year