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Variant Image
OLD (Rear Hub)=130 mmSpoke Hole=24OLD (Front Hub)=100 mm /Black/Black
GTIN: 601479218431
MPN: W506914

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Variant Image
OLD (Rear Hub)=130 mmOLD (Front Hub)=100 mmSpoke Hole=24 Black
GTIN: 601479591138
MPN: W543495

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Variant Image
Spoke Hole=24OLD (Front Hub)=100 mmOLD (Rear Hub)= Black
GTIN: 601479591121
MPN: W543494

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Variant Image
Spoke Hole=24OLD (Rear Hub)=OLD (Front Hub)=100 mm /Black/Black
GTIN: 601479218424
MPN: W506913

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Manufacturer’s Description

Original Equipment replacement Bontrager TLR wheels;Convert to tubeless with rim strip 429864 and valve 429879;