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Variant Image
335 mmOffset 15 mmLength 335 mm Carbon
GTIN: 601479200559
MPN: 436174

Stock due at suppliers on 27/08/2018


Variant Image
Length 275 mm275 mmOffset 15 mm Carbon
GTIN: 601479200535
MPN: 436173

Stock due at suppliers on 25/06/2018


Variant Image
Length 335 mm335 mmOffset 50 mm Carbon
GTIN: 601479200597
MPN: 436176

Stock due at suppliers on 25/06/2018


Variant Image
Offset 50 mm275 mmLength 275 mm Carbon
GTIN: 601479200573
MPN: 436175

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Manufacturer’s Description

Construction: OCLV aero shaft and head. Forged alloy saddle clamps. 2-bolt micro-adjust head mechanism with thumb wheel angle indicator for precise angle adjustment. The unique clamp shape with spring assist allows for super-easy saddle changes. Compatible with standard and oversized carbon saddle rails. A longer bottom clamp better supports saddle rails - shorter top clamp allows plenty of fore-aft adjustment. 15mm offset has a reversible design so it can be run in the forward position. Fits 2014 9 and 7-series Speed Concept.