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Saddle Bontrager Serano RL Medium White
Length=270 mm270 mm138 mm WT/White
GTIN: 768682337943
MPN: 433187

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Saddle Bontrager Serano RL Small White
128 mmLength 270 mm270 mm WT/White
GTIN: 768682337929
MPN: 433186

Out of stock


Saddle Bontrager Serano RL Large White
Length=270 mmLength=270 mm148 mm White
GTIN: 768682337967
MPN: 433188

Out of stock


Saddle Bontrager Serano RL Small Black
Length=270mmWidth=128mm Black
GTIN: 768682337806
MPN: 433180

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Manufacturer’s Description

Aggressive Posture 2 optimizes a forward pelvic rotation for highly flexible athletes;Size Specific Curvature ensures each saddle is designed specific to its width;Multi-zone density padding is strategically placed for optimal comfort and performance;Hollow titanium rails deliver strength without added weight;Carbon fiber-reinforced shell strikes a balance between strength and light weight;inForm BioDynamic products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance;