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Tube Bontrager Selfseal 26x2.20-2.50 Presta Valve 48mm
48 mm Black
GTIN: 745889855180
MPN: 417041

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Bontrager Tube Self Sealing 27.5 X 2.00-2.40 Schraeder 48Mm
Self-Sealing 27.5 x 2.00-2.40 Schrader 48mm Black
GTIN: 601479178599
MPN: 432451

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Tube Bontrager Selfseal 700x18-23 Presta Valve 48mm
GTIN: 745889855241
MPN: 417044

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Manufacturer’s Description

  • 0.9mm wall thickness
  • The specifically engineered formula instantly seals small holes from puncture flats
  • 100% inspected for guaranteed quality


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