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Bontrager Jacket  RXL 180 Softshell X-Small Visibility Yellow
X-Small Visibility Yellow
GTIN: 768682739747
MPN: 438159

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Bontrager Jacket Rxl 180 Softshell X-Small Firebrand
X-Small Firebrand
GTIN: 768682938881
MPN: 509428

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Bontrager Jacket  RXL 180 Softshell X-Small Bonty Red
X-Small Bonty Red
GTIN: 768682739624
MPN: 438147

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Manufacturer’s Description

180 means this Softshell cycling jacket has winter wind and cold protection up front and on the sides, but is vented on the back for superior body heat management at temperatures just above freezing. Mid-weight Profila Softshell™ fabric provides 180 degree windproof, water-resistant, and breathable protection from cold and windy conditions. Profila Thermal™ rear panel and underarms provide breathability while retaining warmth. Three open back storage pockets, with two zipped security pockets on left chest and right back. Thumb loops in cuffs keep wrists and hands warm. 11cm (4.5") drop-tail and articulated sleeves for a precise on-bike fit. Reflective elements enhance visibility for maximum safety. Fitted - Streamlined fit for all-around cycling perfo