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Spoke Hole 28, Skewer Axle OD 5 mm, Rim 29", OLD (Front Hub)
Black/Black Anodized

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Spoke Hole 28Skewer Axle OD 5 mmRim 29"OLD (Front Hub) Black/Black Anodized
GTIN: 745889997200
MPN: 426016

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28mm wide Scandium eyeleted OSB alloy rim for superior tyre support and wheel stiffness. Sealed bearing hubs with 3 pawl, 24 tooth drive mechanism for quick engagement and durability. Rear hub is interchangeable between 135 and 142x12 with included axle kit. Front hub is interchangeable between 5mm, 15mm, and 20mm axles with included axle kits. 28 front/rear DT 14/15g spokes with Alpina locking alloy nipples. Includes Bontrager TLR rim strips and valve cores. Compatible with both Shimano and SRAM 9/10 spd cassettes. Compatible with 6-bolt ISO disc brake rotors.