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Size=27.5"Hub OLD=100mmAxle OD=15mmHoles=28 Carbon


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Size=27.5";Hub OLD=100mm;Axle OD=15mm;Holes=28

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Wheel Front Bontrager Rhythm Pro 27.5 TLR Disc 5/15 Carbon
Size=27.5"Hub OLD=100mmAxle OD=15mmHoles=28 Carbon
GTIN: 601479186075
MPN: 432688

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Wheel Rear Bontrager Rhythm Pro 27.5 TLR Disc 135/142 Carbon
Size=27.5"Hub OLD=135/142mmAxle OD=10/12mmHoles=28 Carbon
GTIN: 601479186051
MPN: 432687

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Manufacturer’s Description

OCLV Carbon - The most advanced carbon available is ultra-light, compliant and durable;Rapid Drive - Fast engagement hub design instantly transfers effort into forward momentum;Stacked Lacing - Provides a better spoke bracing angle for a stiffer wheel;TLR - TLR rims allow for quick transition from traditional tubed tyres to tubeless systems;OSB - Reduces wheel dish, improving stiffness and stability;Construction: Carbon Rim (29mm outer, 22.5mm inner width), 3-pawl drive system, 28 front/rear DT nail head 14/15G spokes with Alpina alloy locking nipples;Compatibility: 6-bolt ISO disc, 135/142 OLD rear QR/15 OLD front, Shimano/SRAM 10spd, and SRAM XD 11spd (freehub sold separately);Includes: Bontrager TLR strip, TLR valve, interchangeable axle parts