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Grip Bontrager Rhythm Thick Lock-On 130Mm Black W/Silver
Length=130 mmDiameter=32 mm130 mm Black/Silver Anodized
GTIN: 768682268803
MPN: 431001

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Grip Bontrager Rhythm Thick Lock-On 130Mm White W/Silver
Diameter 32 mmLength 130 mm130 mm White/Silver
GTIN: 768682268766
MPN: 430999

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Grip Bontrager Rhythm Thick Lock-On 130Mm Red W/Black Collar
Length=130 mmDiameter=32 mm130 mm Red/Black
GTIN: 768682268780
MPN: 431000

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Manufacturer’s Description

Hard inner core holds tight to the bar and eliminates slipping;Soft outer texture provides secure grip, control and comfort;Dual-clamp lock-on design provides ultimate security and makes grips easy to install and replace;Larger outer diameter provides more cushioned grip;