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Skewer Axle Diameter=No skewerOLD (Front Hub)=100 mm
GTIN: 601479063109
MPN: 421040

Out of stock


Wheel Front Bontrager Rhythm Elite 26 Disc 5mm Quick Release
Skewer Axle Diameter=5mmOLD (Front Hub)=100 mm
GTIN: 601479063086
MPN: 421039

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

28mm wide 6061 eyeleted OSB alloy rim for wheel stiffness;Bontrager optimized, DT made hubs with 6 bolt rotor mounts;Butted stainless steel spokes with aluminum alloy locking nipples;Includes Bontrager tubeless rim strip and valve core - Presta valve;Compatible with both Shimano and SRAM cassettes;Compatible with both Shimano and SRAM cassettes;