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Bar Bontrager Race X Lite IsoZone VR-CF OS 40cm UD Carbon
Width=400mmDrop=123mmClamp=31.8mmReach=93mm Uni-Directional Carbon
GTIN: 601479215980
MPN: 439280

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Bar Bontrager Race X Lite IsoZone VR-CF OS 38cm UD Carbon
Handlebar Centre OD=31.8 mmDrop=123 mm380 mmReach=93 mm Uni-Directional Carbon
GTIN: 601479215973
MPN: 439279

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Bar Bontrager Race X Lite IsoZone VR-CF OS 46cm UD Carbon
Handlebar Centre OD 31.8 mmReach 93 mmDrop 123 mm460 mmRise Not applicable Uni-Directio l Carbon
GTIN: 601479216017
MPN: 439284

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Manufacturer’s Description

OCLV Carbon Fibre construction. Variable-Radius Compact Flare (VR-CF) design adds flare to the drops for increased wrist clearance and a more ergonomic drop shape. Compatible with clip-on aero bars. IsoZone pads displace vibration by 20% to reduce hand numbness. Cable-routing groove for shift and brake cable routing, front and rear. Laser-etched brake lever position lines for spot-on control setup. Includes two upper and two drop IsoZone closed cell pads.