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US 6.5/EU 38Shoes EU=38t Black
GTIN: 768682393048
MPN: 435675

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Shoes EU=36tUS 5/EU 36 Black
GTIN: 768682393000
MPN: 435673

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Women US 5.5 / EU 37 Black
GTIN: 768682393024
MPN: 435674

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Manufacturer’s Description

inForm Race last - Slightly roomier high-performance fit. Bronze Series Composite sole - Nylon composite sole. PowerTruss - Sole design improves stiffness without adding significant weight. Stiffness index 8. Low-profile precision-ratcheting buckle. Synthetic uppers with flow-through mesh panels. Compatible with both 2-bolt SPD-style and 3-bolt cleats. WSD - Engineered specifically to yield better fit and greater comfort for women.