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Tyre Bontrager Gnarwhal 26 x 3.80 Studded Team Issue TLR
26" x 3.8 (with studs) Black/Black/Black
GTIN: 601479281237
MPN: 513947

Out of stock


Tyre Bontrager Gnarwhal 27 x 4.5 Studdable Team Issue TLR
GTIN: 601479636464
MPN: 543163

In warehouse


Tyre Bontrager Gnarwhal 26 x 3.80 Team Issue TLR
GTIN: 601479281244
MPN: 513948

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

A fat bike tyre that excels in snow, ice and slippery terrain;An aggressive and siped tread provides traction in even the slickest conditions;The Tubeless Ready (TLR) tyre for easy tubeless set-up and puncture protection;The Inner Strength casing has lightweight sidewall protection that's also supple and strong;The studdable design allows for added traction in icy conditions;Easy installation for the Bontrager Tyre Studs with the Bontrager Tyre Stud Tool;27.5" tyres can accept 216 studs, 26" tyres can accept 160 studs;