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Fork Suspension Bontrager 1 pc Fork Light 700 V Thrd 50 Black
Axle to Crown=445-469 mmSteerer length=325 mmSkewer Axle Diameter=5 mmOffset=41-44 mmOLD (Front Hub)=100 mmSteerer OD=28.6 mm Trek Black/Nautical Navy
GTIN: 601842320808
MPN: 600188

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Fork Suspension Bontrager Forklight V 700Threaded 50 mm Black
Steerer length=225 mmOffset=41-44 mmSteerer OD=28.6 mm (1-1/8")Axle to Crown=445-469 mmSkewer Axle Diameter=5 mmOLD (Front H Trek Black
GTIN: 601842397282
MPN: W1040583

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Manufacturer’s Description

  • Bontrager Satellite Elite ForkLight Have 45mm travel and a Threaded Steerer
  • Forklight Forks have Roller and V-Brake Compatability or they have their brake type specified.
  • 2012 Forklight Forks have no Lightunits inluded, you can find these in the Forklight Ligh Unit Model
  • 2012 Forklight Forks are available in standard 100mm spacing or in RIDE+ Front Motor Specific 120mm.
  • 2011 Forklight Forks have Lightunits inluded. You Can choose a Battery, RIDE+ or Dynamo Hub version.
  • 120mm Forklight Front Moter Forks have a replacement Cable Cover: 433257. This is a Silver Cable Cover


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