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Clamp Diameter Fits Most Seatposts

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Bontrager Light Flare Rt Usb Wireless
GTIN: 601479214914
MPN: 438818

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Use Transmitr for wireless on/off, battery status, turn signals, and mode selection;65 Lumens provide visibility from over 2km day or night;Be seen with balanced optics designed for 270 degree visibility near and far;Two daytime visibility modes, two night modes, and turn signal capable;Day modes: 65LM flash-5.75hrs, 35LM all-day-10hrs, 25LM steady-4.5hrs;Night modes: 65LM flash-23hrs, 5LM steady-21hrs;Battery save mode at 5% life helps ensure a safe ride home with depleted battery;Includes Quick Connect bracket and USB charging cable;