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Seatpost Part Bontrager Clamp 31.9 Bolt Eyeleted Rack Mounts
Diameter=31.9 mm Black
GTIN: 601479074396
MPN: 415184

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Seatpost Part Bontrager Clamp 36.4 Bolt Eyeleted Rack Mounts
Diameter=36.4 mm Black
GTIN: 601479074471
MPN: 415188

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Seatpost Part Bontrager Clamp 35 Bolt Eyeleted Rack Mounts
Diameter 35 mm Black
GTIN: 601479074433
MPN: 415186

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With this clever little clamp you can quickly retro-fit any bike for a rear rack. Threaded eyelets are built into the clamp for easy, secure mounting on non-eyeleted or smaller frames. 35.0mm diameter

Manufacturer’s Description

Seat Post Part Bontrager Clamp 31.9 mm Bolt Eyeleted RackMount