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Bontrager Helmet Ballista White/Silver Small Ce
Small (51-57 cm) White/Silver
GTIN: 601479292844
MPN: 518911

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Bontrager Helmet Ballista Black Large Ce
Large (58-63 cm) Black
GTIN: 601479292806
MPN: 518895

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Bontrager Helmet Ballista Black Small Ce
Small (51-57 cm) Black
GTIN: 601479292783
MPN: 518893

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Manufacturer’s Description

The Front Centre Channel's distinct vent shape draws in significantly more air;The Headmaster II one-handed fit system offers better height and circumference adjustments;Internal, recessed channels manage airflow through the helmet and over the head;NoSweat keeps sweat out of your eyes through channelled pads for constant clarity;AgION antimicrobial pads wick moisture away and completely eliminate odours naturally;LockDown dividers make helmet strap management clean looking and easy to adjust;The design allows for compatibility and easy installation of the Bontrager NeoVisor;