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Rack Part Trek Backrack Hardware Installation Kit
GTIN: 745889164183
MPN: 56044

Out of stock


Rack Part Bontrager Backrack Alloy Large Strut Kit Black
GTIN: 601479140473
MPN: 427332

Out of stock


Cargo Rack Part Bontrager Backrack Straight Strut Kit Silver
GTIN: 601479137732
MPN: 427070

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

  • Parts and accessories for past and present BackRacks
  • Pre-2009 BackRacks use stamped steel struts
  • Post-2009 use tubular alloy struts
  • The cargo net is made of stretch webbing and attaches to any BackRack via nylon hooks
  • The s-bend monostay attachment provides additional mounting options for BackRack 1 and 2
  • BackRack 2009 parts kit also works with BackRack Lightweight


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