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700C Silver
GTIN: 601479043811
MPN: 402668

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Fender Bontrager Approved 26x55 Silver
GTIN: 601479043859
MPN: 402670

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Thwart the rooster tail with a set of these high-quality, super-durable, and lightweight chromium plastic fenders. Thanks to the adjustable stays these fenders easily adjust for a customised fit. Fork and rear seatstay mounting eyelets required. Available in 26 in. to fit up to a 60mm tyre; and two 700c sizes to fit up to either 37mm or 45mm tyres.

Manufacturer’s Description

Made of a high quality Chromium plastic that is super durable and lightweight;Adjustable stays on the fender eliminate 'traditional' nuts and bolts for huge weight savings;Stays are easy to adjust for a customized fit on your bike;Front and rear mud flaps;26x55 fits 1.75-2.25" width tires;700Cx35 fits 20-28mm width tires;700Cx45 fits 28-37mm width tires;