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Variant Image
154 mmLength 270 mm270 mm Black/Black
GTIN: 601479439706
MPN: 531083

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Variant Image
270 mmLength 270 mm144 mm Black/Black
GTIN: 601479439713
MPN: 531082

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Variant Image
164 mm270 mmLength 270 mm Black/Black
GTIN: 601479439676
MPN: 531084

Stock due at suppliers on 12/11/2018


Manufacturer’s Description

An aggressive Posture 2 saddle that excels both on the road and mountain bike. Engineered specifically to provide a better fit and greater comfort for women. The Contour Relief Zone Plus (CRZ+) full saddle cutaway enhances soft-tissue protection. A wider cut-out and shaped nose provide a stable comfort in an aggressive position. Soft cushion padding provides ultra comfort. inForm BioDynamic products optimise your natural movement for sustained, higher performance.