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Saddle Bontrager Inform Affinity Rl Wsd 154 White
Length 260 mm154 mm260 mm White
GTIN: 601479103478
MPN: 421538

Out of stock


Saddle Bontrager Inform Affinity Rl Wsd 134 White
Length=260 mm134 mm260 mm White
GTIN: 601479103430
MPN: 421536

Out of stock


Saddle Bontrager Inform Affinity Rl Wsd 144 White
Length=260mmWidth=144mm White
GTIN: 601479103454
MPN: 421537

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Posture 3 - Performance: Neutral pelvic rotation for a balance of comfort and efficiency. WSD - Engineered specifically to provide a better fit and greater comfort for women. Contour Relief Zone - Recessed saddle cavity eases pressure on soft tissue. Size Specific Curvature - Curvature of each saddle is designed specific to its width. Zone Density Padding - Multi-density padding is strategically placed for optimal comfort and performance. Hollow Ti rails - Hollow Titanium rails deliver strength without added weight. Carbon Reinforced Shell - Compliant carbon-fibre-reinforced shell strikes a balance between strength and light weight. inForm BioDynamics - Products designed to optimise your natural movement for sustained, higher performance.