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Bontrager Saddle Inform Affinity Comp Gel Black Small 128Mm
128 mmLength 260 mm260 mm Black /Black
GTIN: 601479334940
MPN: 515623

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Bontrager Saddle Inform Affinity Comp Gel Black Medium 138Mm
138 mm260 mmLength=260 mm Black /Black
GTIN: 601479334957
MPN: 515624

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Manufacturer’s Description

Performance Posture 3 for pelvic rotation with a balance of comfort and efficiency. The soft cushion gel padding provides ultra comfort. The CRZ recess extends through the saddle nose enhancing soft-tissue protection. Size-Specific Curvature ensures that each saddle is designed specific to its width. The unique suspended rail construction increases compliance for ultimate comfort. Strategically placed, multi-density padding for optimal comfort and performance. Nylon composite shell.