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Alpinestars Mesa Long Sleeve Jersey 2017: Bright Blue/Bright Orange M
Alpinestars Mesa Long Sleeve Jersey 2017: Bright Blue/Bright Orange M
GTIN: 8051194823441

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Alpinestars: Constructed from an advanced poly-fabric that draws moisture away from the body while extended mesh inserts give high levels of breathability, the Mesa Long Sleeve Jersey is perfect for all mountain trails. An MP3 compartment and headphone hook means you can listen you’re your favorite tunes while you ride. • Constructed from an advanced poly-fabric to promote moisture wicking and temperature control. • Long, pre-contoured sleeve design for comfort and fit and is optimized for colder conditions. • Low open collar for ease of entry and riding comfort. • Extended open mesh inserts on sides and back give enhanced breathability. • Elongated lower back profile helps maintain fit and offers comfort. • Convenient cloth patch located on side pocket for cleaning eyewear. • Side pocket features a multimedia compartment with internal headphone conduit to store MP3 player or phone. • Hook on collar to securely fasten headphones.