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S Carbon Heather/Torchnl
GTIN: 888818270439
MPN: 64617-6002N

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Variant Image
M Carbon Heather/Torchnl
GTIN: 888818270385
MPN: 64617-6003N

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2017 Specialized Specialized Graphic Tee Ltd Carb Hthr/Torchnl L
GTIN: 888818270415
MPN: 64617-6004N

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Manufacturer’s Description

Almost 3000 years ago, the pinnacle of sport was celebrated with fire. Today, our Torch Collection honors the Gods of Sport by bringing the flame back to competition. The Specialized Podium Tee - Torch Edition is a celebration of the greatest sporting event on earth, with colors signifying the flame of competition.
  • 50/50 cotton poly
  • Slim fit