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2017 Specialized S-Works Women'S Evade
S White/Light Turquoise
GTIN: 888818169634
MPN: 60717-1762

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2017 Specialized S-Works Women'S Evade
M White/Light Turquoise
GTIN: 888818169443
MPN: 60717-1763

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2017 Specialized S-Works Women'S Evade
L White/Light Turquoise
GTIN: 888818169122
MPN: 60717-1764

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Manufacturer’s Description

The S-Works Women's Evade helmet is the ultimate aerodynamic racing helmet, combining a superior Win-Tunnel-tested design, ultra-light construction, incredible ventilation, and a micro-dial Mindest HairPort fit system for the best performance on the road or during a time trial.
  • Advanced aerodynamics saves 46 seconds over 40km compared to standard road helmet.
  • Patented Aramid-Reinforced Skeleton provides internal EPS support to help manage impact energy.
  • Ponytail-ready, ultra-light micro-dial Mindset HairPort fit system with height adjustability.
  • 4th Dimension Cooling System with deep internal channels, large vents, and aligned exhaust ports.
  • Thin, soft, and lightweight 4X DryLite webbing won’t stretch out with sweat or water.
  • Tri-Fix web splitter for improved comfort and ease of strap adjustments.
  • Instrap webbing system for ultra-light construction and security.


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