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Metallic Black

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20" L, Metallic Black
GTIN: 768682273821
MPN: 13200112413

Out of stock


15" L, Metallic Black
GTIN: 768682273784
MPN: 13200110413

Out of stock


15" L, Metallic Black
GTIN: 768682367704
MPN: 13200110414

Out of stock


17.5" L, Metallic Black
GTIN: 768682273807
MPN: 13200111413

Out of stock


22.5 in L Metallic Black
GTIN: 768682273845
MPN: 13200113413

Out of stock


Manufacturer’s Description

Lightweight frame for a fast, efficient, fun ride. The right geometry for the way you want to ride. Rack and mudguard mounts make it easy to accessorise. Smart versatility, perfect for fitness, commuting, and fun


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