Enduro Bearings Multi Press Bearing Tool

Enduro Bearings Multi Press Bearing Tool

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The Enduro bearings Multi Press is designed to service a variety of bearing applications and components all in one tool-set.The Multi Press will install headset cups, bottom bracket bearings, hub bearings, and linkage bearings. This toolset includes 3 different length rods in 2 different diameters. The larger diameter rod is tasked with installing headset cups, while the 2 smaller diameter rods handle bottom bracket, hub and suspension linkage bearings. The 2 smaller diameter rods are compatible with the BRT-005 hub press, BRT-002 and BRT-003 bottom bracket service tools. This compatiblity allows a customizable way to pack your toolbox for travel, taking only the components you need for lightweight packing.The Multi Press Alloy handles are removable, exposing 15mm stainless steel endnuts for tight clearances in linkage assemblies. Built into the stainless steel endnuts are delrin bearings for smooth operation while installing the bearings.

Brand Enduro Bearings
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 811780026407
SKUs / Part Numbers EB9600

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