Abus Steel-O-Chain 5805K

Abus Steel-O-Chain 5805K

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THE CHAIN LOCK THAT PROVIDES FLEXIBILITYThe Steel-O-Chain 5805K is a chain lock that offers cyclists flexibility and peace of mind. Designed by Abus, a trusted brand in bike security, this chain lock is perfect for those who frequently find themselves in low-risk theft areas.The clear advantage of the Steel-O-Chain 5805K lies in its flexibility. Its 5 mm square chain is crafted from specially hardened steel, ensuring maximum protection for your bike. The chain also features a textile sleeve that protects against damage to the paintwork.With this chain lock, you have numerous options for securely locking your bike to various objects. Sturdy bike stands and lampposts are ideal choices, as long as your bike does not obstruct others when left there.This chain lock is recommended for securing low-value bicycles and offers good protection in areas with low theft risks.Transporting the Steel-O-Chain 5805K is a breeze. To ensure protected transportation, we recommend using frame bags such as the ST 2012, ST 2200, ST 2250, or the ST 8130 L.The Steel-O-Chain 5805K is very user-friendly. Only one end of the chain needs to be locked, making it incredibly easy to use.Invest in the Steel-O-Chain 5805K from Abus and enjoy the flexibility and security it provides for your bike.

Brand Abus
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 4003318712050, 4003318724930
SKUs / Part Numbers AB-71205-0, AB-72493-0

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